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Team ICO discussion.

This community is dedicated to video games developed by Team ICO.

1. Mark and put all spoilers under a cut, for obvious reasons. This applies to all of Team ICO's games.
2. All images wider than 500px should be put under a cut.
3. Absolutely no fan fiction. Fan art is fine, as long as it is put under a cut, and tasteful.
4. No icon posts. There are more than enough places for you to post your icons, however, this is not one of them.
5. Links to files (such as official artwork and soundtracks) are fine, however, I request that you use a file hosting distribution service (such as Sharebee or Gazup) so people that cannot access certain file hosts can download them.
6. Don't make entries friends only for no reason. If you're posting fan art, then it's fine, however, if you're posting news, then there's absolutely no reason why it should be made friends only.
7. No advertising unless I've given you permission.
8. Be excellent to each other.